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The first flagship store of the Kessler brand, Germany’s oldest sparkling wine producer, which has its headquarters in Esslingen, has been opened at Calwerstraße 58 in Stuttgart.

The flagship store moves into a listed building – small and charming, consisting of two parts – the STORE on the one hand and the associated BAR on the other.

At the top of the agenda was to make the “Kessler” brand a tangible experience. The BAR should be a meeting place where people meet for an aperitif. Guests come when they have a reason to toast or simply feel like a glass of sparkling wine.

The client’s express wish was to make the bar “Instagrammable”. To create a special atmosphere … through light – colourfulness – elegance and cosiness, which is also photographed by one or two people because they find the design very cool. The floor plan resembles a longer, narrower tube from which as much space as possible is to be extracted.


To give the cramped space a little more “air”, large Parsol mirrors were used, one on the side to generally widen the bar and one on the back wall for more depth. Here too, as in the store, the abstract graphic of George was applied to the illuminated mirror as an eye-catcher in homage to the founder “Georg Christian von Kessler”. Since the aim was to design a bar that was

“Instagramable”, the ceiling with lighting also becomes considerably more important. The ceiling niches were designed to bring more cosiness and elegance into the shop. With soft indirect lighting, the ceiling shines in bottle green and reflects the company’s history through its design. The colour scheme of anthracite – grey – black and gold also plays a very important role in the bar. Since the bar is rather narrow, the side niches were used to integrate leaning rollers or two tables and not to waste any space. The green colouring of the leather of the leaning rollers matches the coloured green accents of the lively, bourgeois wallpaper, which is set off accordingly by the indirect lighting. In the other empty spaces, gold-coloured shelves have been added on which people can place glasses. Champagne coolers can be hung on the railing below.

The character of the “vintage walls” should also be taken up in the bar. However, in a darker colour than in the store.

The sliding window front, which was approved by the heritage office at our request, is used for catering and serving the outside area.

The mobile counter varies its position depending on the season towards the window or the shop; equipped with a built-in cooling trough for cooling the champagne bottles and quick handling when serving. A glass rack, which hangs from the ceiling in front of the window, serves to store the glasses and makes it immediately visible to the outside that there is a bar here. The glass shelf and the bar pick up on the general colour scheme of the Kessler company, especially the gold. The same applies to the fixed bar at the back with its suspended glass shelf in front of the Parsol mirror with George’s graphics. The bar counter in the same design as the mobile bar conveys value and elegance with its gold-coloured laminate.

Kessler_112 (Kopie)
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