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The concept creates a living space far from the usual and close to what it can truly mean to live: an experience. Similar to a loft, the residence can be experienced as a spacious, continuous room. From certain places its entire depth can be experienced. All functions are mounted in freely positioned frames which can be separated with sliding doors and heavy curtains upon request. The spacious kitchen with a free-standing cooking island, as well as a large dining table to enjoy together, forms the centre of the residence. A mirrored ceiling lends impressive definition to the dining area, which is separated from the seating area with an open room divider. From here you can keep an eye on the kitchen, dining table and terrace. A large ottoman, a side table and a swivel-mounted LCD TV complement the sofa. The lighting mood can be adjusted to your liking via infinitely adjustable luminous ceiling. A free-standing natural fireplace provides cosy warmth in winter.

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