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British restaurant chain “Leon”, which has won multiple awards, was due to be opened on an area of 90 m² at the SBB train station in Basel. The former store of the Import Parfümerie was to be fitted with 26 seats for the franchiser, including a preparation area, where travellers could receive their ordered meals within 45 seconds, enabling them to eat on the go. HEIKAUS would be the general contractor for the entire conversion and implementation of the existing design concept.


Within a period of only 6 weeks, the store had to be converted from its previous use to the needs and design of a “Leon” branch. The outstanding fast-food chain offers its guests tasty and healthy choices and a welcoming atmosphere for an enjoyable stop along the road. This was the objective! In this challenging project, HEIKAUS was responsible for all crafts as a general contractor. Its work included all drywall construction and painting, floor processing and installation of the new flooring. The HEIKAUS team also set up the ceiling construction with electrical and lighting installations. The specialists installed the entire heating, ventilation and cooling technology, along with required core drilling, installation and placement work in the sanitary areas. Interior and exterior advertising required the installation of film covers and corporate logos. In spite of the high number of craftspeople involved and the complex construction measures, ongoing operation in the train station area was not to be disturbed.


Detailed project preparation and planning made it possible to open the first “Leon” branch in Switzerland on 21 October 2019. Optimal deadline and crafts coordination were required to ensure a smooth process for this comprehensive work. A construction time of 6 weeks was followed by turnkey handover of the project by HEIKAUS as the responsible general contractor. Guests can now enjoy the award-winning meals of the restaurant chain with some adjustments to Swiss tastes.

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