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Store design for revolutionary fast-food

Germany’s first organic wok restaurant – the idea behind it is revolutionizing the fast-food landscape. Therefore, the interior and store design of this kind of a restaurant must draw attention as well. The restaurant façade with its bright purple and white and the illuminated Waku logo, draws all eyes to it.


Our team focused on organic products and sustainability and had great fun doing it during this project. One of the main demands of the store design concept was the high energy efficiency in the building phase and the operation according to the corporate sustainable philosophy. Therefore, the kitchen technology as well as the lighting are characterised by sustainability.


The challenge of this store design was on energy efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, the store design and store equipment only used renewable raw materials.

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Another target was integrating a new and innovative customer communications system into the order process.

– Sustainable, beautiful, efficient and healthy


Inside the restaurant, you will find lots of white, combined with some browns and beiges. The counter is painted in bright purple, the corporate colour, and serves as the perfect eye-catcher. The guest room is ornamented with white picture frames with various motifs on a white wall before which the guests eat. A flat screen is integrated into this picture series, also framed like the pictures – a special element in the store design.

Something different

The store furnishings comprise various materials and colours; anything from wooden kitchen chairs to plastic bucket seats can be found here. Another small, sophisticated restaurant accessory was integrated into the flexible, adjustable tables for two made of white-painted frames, entirely in the interest of sustainability. The tables have small tubes that serve to hold the oversized wooden spoons that every guest receives with the order and that tell the serving staff by their printed-on order number which guest will receive which food.

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