Successful stores…can be planned!

A study carried out at the Harvard University has shown which enormous effects it can have if you write down you targets. The students of the MBA programme were asked if they had written down their targets for the future and also had a plan how to reach them. The three percent of students who had stated to have written down concrete targets and a corresponding plan for the future earned ten years later ten times more money than all the other students.

This sounds quite convincing, doesn’t it?

Also you can rank among these successful three percent! The better you know your customers, the easier it will be for you to define concrete targets and realise plans successfully.

What is actually a Customer Journey?

The term describes the process beginning with the first contact over the shopping experience up to the testimonials with the aim of creating personal recommendations. If you can fascinate a customer you will turn him into a fan. And the difference is crucial!

Customers need to be attracted – fans come to you because they want to!

As soon as you have defined your target customer (age, profession, income etc.) you should establish a customised strategy. In order to do so you should answer the following questions: How do I reach my target customers most effectively? Is my store optimally located? Do we have the perfect range of goods? Do we need an online shop? Is our website up-to-date? How do we want to be perceived – also in social media? Are our employees qualified enough – but also obliging and friendly?


You should present your range of products as temptingly as possible. Or just create worlds of goods which make curious, maybe even scare, the main point is that the presentation is eye-catching and arouses desire!

Also use the possibilities which the press offers. Think about engaging influencers. And do not miss to profit from the advantages of social media. It is a cost-efficient and often underestimated advertising media.

The (after-)sales process also offers perfect opportunities to turn customers into fans. An honest, professional consultation is of great value for the customer. But also events for customers (presentation of new products, after work parties) are excellent platforms for communication. Positive feedback is absolutely valuable! You can post it – together with pictures – and thus win further favour. Your customers should also regularly receive a newsletter. This inexpensive type of advertising provides an incentive for (repeated) visits in your store.

Each small measure does not make a big difference alone. But together they will develop a drive which will just amaze you. The success can be planned!